Immigration reform is a national issue (actually a global issue now) that hits close to home for me. My dear friend Tam Tran used to say, "I am a citizen of the World" meaning that she was a human being, not bound by artificial borders drawn on maps or defined by the labels given by politicians. She was on the forefront of the student activist movement that spearheaded the organizing efforts across the country. Her Congressional testimony (and ICE's retaliation) eventually sparked the legislative efforts in DC for what we called the DREAM ACT. Now that she's no longer physically here with us, she lives on in spirit having inspired a whole generation of "DREAMERS" who fearlessly demand changes in the way the US government treats its hardworking immigrant families.

I'm not a community organizer, nor do I consider myself a writer, so articulating the complex subject is not without challenges for me. Documenting the struggle on film is also no easy feat, as filmmakers all know, documentary is the most difficult genre to execute. And yet, it may be arguably the most rewarding. So when director Tim Nackashi told me about his short film project "Through The Wall" and that he needed help cutting it, I was quick to sign up. Besides for having the same name as me, I followed Tim's work because of the awesomely visual music videos he'd been making for Neon Indian, OK GO, and Death Cab For Cutie (one of Tam's favorites). I think Tim did an amazing job capturing the humanity of a dehumanizing border policy that's been used as a political football for far too long. So thank you Tim for this resonating piece of content! Thanks for skipping festivals and putting this out there on social media. Please watch the short film and share it with friends. Also, here's a link to more info about TAM TRAN and the book series UNDERGROUND UNDERGRADS about the immigrant student movement. 

THROUGH THE WALL on The Guardian

NY International Autoshow 2016 by Tim Jieh

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the 2016 NY International Autoshow for Honda / Acura. I was there to shoot still photography for the new Civic Hatchback at the unveiling event and the new MDX at the Acura press event.

 An unexpected surprise was the special appearance by Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas for the Civic Tour.

And my favorite car at the show was definitely the NSX GT3. I ended up with so many shots of it because it looked stunning from every angle. It was good times with great people in the Big Apple and looking forward to the next one. More photos from the show available on my Flickr.


The Art of Denim: Our Story is in the Details

The Art of Denim: The Fabric is our Canvas

The Art of Denim: Our Hand-Wash Treatments


For a good cause... by Tim Jieh

ln between projects that promote brands and for-profit clients, I've had the privilege to spend time with many passionate and hard working people from non-profit organizations. Over the years, I've helped produce videos that bring their causes to light on the web and for them to play at outreach meetings and events. Here are a few of my favorites in a Youtube playlist. Enjoy!  

hello by Tim Jieh

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